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Start Your Healthy Day with Angel Juicer!

Angel Juicer is the most advanced juicer among the juicers in the market. Based on over 35 years of continuous research and development, Shattering Helical Gear (SHG) technology has been applied to 100% stainless steel gears and Multi Step Extracting (MSE), and Los Speed Cone Screw (LSCS) technology helps you extract 1.6 times more juice and 17 times more nutrients than other juicers from the same amount of vegetables and fruits. Interior and exterior material are made with fine, hygienic, and durable stainless steel, free from environmental hormones and easy to clean and maintain like many other stainless kitchen utensils or medical appliances. Vitalize your day with Angel Juicer by providing you with the original natural juice and maximum nutrients extracted from fresh vegetables and fruits! 

The Angel Juicer Extracts Juice from All Fruits and Vegetables!

Angel has been supplying the best slow juicers all over the world. A high-quality control ensures the ranking of the Angel Juicer as the Rolls Royce of all slow juicers. The Angel Juicer, also called “Angelia”, combines a twin gear juicing system with a powerful 3 HP motor and can extract more juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables than any other slow juicers.

This horizontal juicer is made entirely of stainless steel, SUS-304. The Angel 8500S is even equipped with parts (Twin Gears, Housing Filter, Splash Guard) made of higher-quality surgical grade stainless steel, SUS 316, specifically used in surgical instruments.

The patented Multi Step Extracting technology ensures a higher yield and a higher amount of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. The Angel twin gears can thoroughly grind ingredients at a low speed in three stages. In the first stage the fruits and vegetables are finely ground and in the second stage, more pressure is forced on the ingredients. By then about 80% of the juice is already extracted. In the third and final stage, even more pressure ensures that the rest of the juice is extracted from the fruits and vegetables.

The Angel Juicers are equipped with a special cooling system to prevent the motor from overheating and to prolong the durability of the juicer. The automatic heat sensor stops the machine automatically when it senses overheat. The power switch and operation switch are attached separately to protect children from accidentally operating. The magnetic sensor on housing filter ensures the Angel Juicer will not turn on when the parts are not assembled correctly.

With the Angel Juicer, you can juice almost everything. Fruits, vegetables or fresh herbs can be easily juiced, and you can even make your own nut milk. You will be amazed by the results of juicing wheatgrass, ginger, carrots to celery, kale, spinach and the more with Angle Juicer.