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 Angel juicers are often considered the gold standard of home juicers. Made completely from stainless steel, Angel uses twin gears rotating in opposite directions to get the highest yield with freshest juice possible. While the Angel Company only carries three models, it can be confusing to differentiate between these models, as some retailers rename or bundle them with accessories to create "new" models. Regardless of the names given on any website, there are only three home models produced by the Angel factory. Let's take a look at these models and examine the differences.




Angel Juicer 5500


The Angel 5500 is our standard model, and the one on which the others are based. All the juicers are built with same specifications. They all feature the same motor, same auger design, same touch controls, and same stainless steel motor assembly. The performance and yield are identical for all three Angel models. However, the 5500 is made from SUS-304 food-grade stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel is corrosion resistant and will stay looking new as long as it is cleaned properly after each juicing. Like all Angel models, the 5500 uses two counter-rotating gears which break down the produce to its smallest components, allowing for the highest yield of any home juicer.





Angel Juicer 7500


The Angel 7500 is identical to the 5500 except one difference. The 7500 has an anti-jamming auto-reverse system. If there is a jamming, this safety mechanism stops the motor. This is to prevent overloading or potential damage in the motor. The motor needs a few seconds to reverse and move the jammed ingredients back up. In the 5500 model, this is done manually by holding down the reverse button for a couple of seconds, releasing it to allow the gears to stop, and then pressing the forward button again. The 7500 automates this process. In the event of a jam, the 7500 stops the motor, reverses it for about 2 seconds, then proceeds forward. This is simply a convenience feature for not having to touch the controls panel during the juicing process.





Angel Juicer 8500


The Angel 8500 also has the anti-jamming auto-reverse system found in the 7500, but the difference is the juicing parts: the twin gears, housing filter, and splash guards are made from SUS-316 stainless steel. This is also known as surgical stainless steel. This grade of steel has a 2% molybdenum content to be even more corrosion resistant. It is resistant to stronger chemicals such as sea salts or chlorides. The 8500 is for customers who want the highest grade of stainless steel possible.





Test results on this juicer were quite surprisingsuch excellent results are that are hardly ever seen! We tested carrots, apples, oranges, grapes, currant, and lettuce. From the results, carrot pulp was considerably drier than pulps from other machines, and the apple pulp was almost nowhere to be found. In addition, when we say the machine extracted all the juice from lettuce, it really extracted all the juice! Despite its price, it is cost-effective in the long run due to extremely high juice yield. There are less parts to clean, though the juicing screen does require using a brush and tools included. This may take a few minutes—we also recommend soaking it over night in water. An advantage juicer has is its larger (43 mm) feeding chute (standard size - 38 mm diameter).

This juicer is truly the best dual gear juicer on the market!