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A good juicer can even change your lifestyle by accommodating it everyday. But everyone gives you conflicting information. We'd like to provide you with the correct information so you can have a better understanding on what to look for in a juicer. We want you to be able to make your own decisions in selecting the right juicer for your needs. We want you to have the facts. This is an important investment for your health.

1. Type of Juicer (Extraction Method)

Common high impact juicers and blenders destroy large amounts of life giving enzymes in the juice by subjecting them to heat and shock produced by metal cutting blades and high speed centrifugal rotation. Heat will destroy nutrients on contact unlike oxidation, which occurs over time. Centrifugal juicers introduce oxygen into the juice, creating oxidation. Oxidation degrades nutrients not immediately but over time. To maximize the nutrients of the juice, we recommend you drink the juice as soon as you make it. The highest quality juices contain the healthiest parts of any fresh fruit or vegetable - the nutrients and enzymes. To receive maximum health benefits from juicing, you want the highest quality juicer your money can buy. The Angel twin gear juicer of low 82 rpm produces fresh, enzyme-rich, highest nutrient living juice with very little oxidation.

2. Ease of Operation and Clean Up

This is by far the most important requirement because the easier a juicer is to use and clean up, the more often you will use it. If juicing is a hassle you won't do it. You need a juicer that is easy to use and easy to clean. Otherwise, you will not use it as often as you would like. The Angel's unique design with remarkable extraction power makes it easier and simpler to use and clean. The newly designed parts make for easy clean-up, assembly and disassembly.

3. Yield

The amount of juice extracted from the fruit or vegetable. It is important that you maximize the amount of juice extracted. An efficient juicer can get as much as 30 % more juice than an average one. A good juicer can extract much more juice per pound of produce. So you can eventually end up saving a lot of money from purchasing fruits and vegetables. The Angel features a three stage twin gear system for efficient juice extraction. Stage one crushes and continuously grinds the fruit or vegetable. Stage two applies concentrated pressure by squeezing. Stage three presses food, creating very dry pulp and as a result - more juice. In addition to the three stage twin gear system, the Angel's three stage screen filters can maximizes pure juice yield resulting in 20 to 30 % more juice extracted when compared to other juicers.

4. Motor Power

A powerful motor will allow you to juice harder produce more quickly without straining the motor. Power is measured by watts and horse power. A juicer with a low-powered motor will vibrate, generate noise, sometimes overheat, and later burn out. The higher the rpm, the faster the nutrients from the produce is destroyed by oxidation (centrifugal type of juicers). The Angel Juicer is only 82 rpm, which is the lowest rpm twin gear juicer on the market. The Angel can crush fibers and break up vegetable cells with 3 HP grinding force by the precision engineered solid stainless steel powerful twin gears. The Angel is capable of efficiently extracting nutrients locked inside cellulose fibers - minerals and calcium, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and other highly beneficial nutrients, which are the most important fuels for the human body. The Angel Juicer has a strong, smooth, very quiet, precision-balanced heavy duty motor designed to last almost a lifetime.

5. Reliability

A good juicer is built to last many years. They are usually guaranteed with warranties of 5 to 10 years. An inexpensive juicer lacks reliability, and is typically warranted 90 days to 1 year. Most inexpensive juicers are not built for daily use. The cutting blade usually wears out after 2 to 4 months, and the motor burns out after your warranty expires.

Own a reliable and premium juicer for your peace of mind. We recommend a more reliable, heavy duty constructed, powerful juicer that triturates (crush and grind into very fine particles) and presses with a slow rpm (keeping enzymes intact and generating no heat) that guarantees that you can juice even the more fibrous green vegetables and grasses.

The Angel Juicer also has the easiest, simplest clean up compared to any other twin gear juicer or vegetable juice extractor. It is a high functioning machine that will certainly prove itself in this and other areas. Please closely look at every single part of the Angel Juicer. It is completely different from any other juice extractor. Every single inch is made of the highest quality material and created from excellent workmanship. The Angel is not just another juicer. The Angel Juicer is at the pinnacle of quality and work performance both in name and reality.


Twin gear juicers are the most expensive types of juicers, but they offer the most benefits. Twin gear juicers turn at even slower speeds (RPMs), resulting in even less oxidation from foam and less destruction of nutrients from heat. The low speeds also decrease aeration and oxidation of the juice, meaning you can refrigerate and store your juice longer.

Twin gear juicers are the most efficient types of juicers available and can extract higher yields of juice from fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, pine needles, spinach, and other greens and herbs. The pulp that comes out of twin gear juicers is the driest out of all other types of juicers.

Twin gear juicers operate by pressing food between two interlocking roller gears. This juicing process yields a larger volume of juice. The high pressure squeezing force of the twin gears break open tough cell walls and release more enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. Twin gear juicers do more than just extract juice, they homogenize to make baby foods, nut butters and fruit sorbets, with optional attachments.

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