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"There's no cancer in normal metabolic system. Thus it is fitting to cure the cancer by restoring the metabolism."

Health is affected by the metabolism

Human body's metabolism starts from producing 60 trillion cells that make up body and determines how healthy a person's life can be by providing energy to sustain the body.  

One can prevent all the adult disease, including cancers, by restoring the metabolism.

One can heal and prevent all sorts of disease, including cancer, by restoring the metabolism.

It isn't so hard to restore the metabolism.

There are many who take lots of pills, while worrying the side effects, only to barely hold on to their lives. If only we can change the way we think, there are cheap and easy solutions all around us. Coprostasis destroys cells and hinders intestine from working properly by releasing toxins over time. These toxins eventually distort or destroy blood cells, perivascular cells, brain cells, etc. Green vegetables, including carrots, have carotene, chlorophyl, and vitamins C and E that can effectively prevent such damage by reducing toxins in our body. Studies have proven numerous alkaloids, such as chlorophyl, in potatoes and other leafy vegetables can detox even the agricultural pesticides. (Enzymes and alkaloids in vegetables are powerful detoxicants). Since there are no toxins within our body that's more powerful than the agricultural pesticides, it is easy to counter the toxins by drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juice that's rich in enzymes and alkaloids. Continued consumption of fresh juice will cleanse the blood, enhance the immune system, and eventually fight off various disease.

Improves One's Constitution

Rich alkaline minerals and neutralizing effects of fiber juice can help increase one's immune system by turning acidic constitution into alkaline constitution. Thus viral diseases such as flu, hepatitis, and allergies can be healed and prevented. Fiber juice is important for preventing and recovering from osteoporosis since fiber juice decrease amount of calcium dissipating from bones and at the same time providing an ample amount of organic calcium within vegetables and fruits.

Effects of vegetable fiber juice

Cell restoration

Detoxifies Body

Purify Blood

Cleanse Bowel

Stimulates and normalize infants' growth

Encourages metabolism

Nerve Stabilization

Expands peripheral blood vessel

Improves Constitution

Improves Immune System

Improves Heart Condition

Controls Hemorrhage

Improves Skin Condition


Improves Menstral Condition

Diuretic Effect

Improves Sleep Condition

Strengthen Bones