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Children with a Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables Have a Low Risk of Atherosclerosis Later in Life.

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits at a young age reduces the risk of atherosclerosis in adulthood, research shows. Dr. Mika Kahonen, a professor of clinical physiology at the University of Tampere in Tampere, Finland, studied the effects of dietary habits on the arteries of 1622 children and adolescents aged 3-18 years for twenty-seven years into adulthood. Researchers found that those who ate few fruits and vegetables at a young age had higher blood vessel stiffness after becoming adults.

The researchers measured at arterial stiffness by arterial pulse wave velocity (PWV), which was 6% faster on average in the group that consumed less fruits and vegetables on average. The pulse wave velocity is the rate at which the blood passes through a certain section of the artery and depends on the elasticity of the blood vessel wall. If the blood vessels are smooth, the blood will move in waves, and its velocity will be slowed. If the blood vessels are stiff, the blood will flow as if the vessels are slippery. The study was published in the American Heart Association. 

"The blood vessels usually start aging in the late teens," said professor Ki-Cheol Sung of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital's Department of Cardiology. "It seems that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables during adolescence inhibits early aging of the blood vessels."

Effects of Vegetable Juice Depending Stages of Life

The most important point of a baby’s growth is the brain and the gland, especially the pituitary gland and the thymus. An import factor for this development and a good brain is a clear blood with abundant nutrients, and the VC, VB salts and minerals found in vegetable juice. Babies need twice the amount of organic calcium than that of adults, as this has a big influence on the baby’s bones, nervous system, and emotional health, activity of the growth plate and the development of the thymus gland. Start from pear juice and gradually start adding carrot and spinach for two months cycle. Adding kale and lettuce on top of those prevents and heals atopic dermatitis and contributes the infants' brain development and balanced growth.

It is a well-known fact that the lack of minerals or vitamins starting in childhood impedes the development of a normal brain and other body parts. The lack of active Ca (which hasn’t been cooked) causes children to become more sensitive, forming a dark and negative personality in addition to forming incomplete bones and joints. Lack of Ca also causes acidification, harming the bones and causing the child to like carbonated drinks which produce Ca. This eventually leads the child to become less immune to allergies, asthma, the common cold, and viruses by weakening the lymphocytes. Vegetable juice prevents such conditions by providing not only Ca but also sulfur, phosphorous, and vitamin C, promoting the best conditions for a child during this period. For children who are most active, fruit and vegetable juices are best for their health. This prevents excursiveness, gives them more focus and helps them form a balanced diet.

At this age, it is important to gain a focused, smart, and creative brain.
Carrot (8), dandelion (2), and kale (6) juice helps raise focus, stabilizing the nervous system and mind to increase the student’s learning abilities.

This period in life is, especially for women, important in forming the healthiness of a person for the rest of his or her life. It is an important period for preventing various diseases like arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, adult diseases, and even depression and anorexic diseases caused by lack of Ca. Anemia and morning sickness, which are symptoms of pregnant women, appear because the mother is supplying the nutrients for the fetus. Women with morning sickness will be able to experience the effects of vegetable juice right away.

People can achieve big things during this period, but this period is also a time when red signals start to alert the body. Adult diseases such as continued headaches, migraines, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and loss of memory occur most during this period. It is important that people consume vegetable juice and pay attention to a healthy lifestyle during this period so they can prepare for a healthy old age.

It is during this period that all body cells' and organs' functions decline, causing limit to activities that yields loss of confidence and depression. These symptoms only harm the body and bring emotional stress. A structural and new lifestyle can help people at this age to rediscover their youth.