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Being Healthy is Everyone's Wish


Over the past 35 years of making Angel Juicer, I have met numerous customers suffering from loss of health. From children to grown ups and elderly, what they all had in common was the fundamental question of how to put efforts, time, and money into building a better health.

Ellen G. White, a global scholar, once pointed out, "It is important to teach how to keep the health rather than to teach how to heal an illness." However, too many people today often ignore the signs and distress on their body. I have met countless people who were attending health seminars and lectures, and using up resources to recover from health only after they lost it.

To prevent such from happening, it only became apparent that it was a pressing matter for everyone to put in the efforts to maintain and preserve a healthy lifestyle.




Angel Juicer: A Proactive Action for your Health


"Our food should be our Medicine."   —Hippocrates

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain much of the nutrients our bodies need to thrive and survive.

Today, intaking meals with less greens and substituting with excessive fast food has led to a drastic increase in obesity and adult diseases; even our children and young generation seems to be threatened by this health epidemic. Intaking fruit and vegetable juices with active nutrients is one of the fastest and most effective ways to restore the balance of nutrition and boost our immune system.

Angel Juicer delivers fresh fruit and vegetable juices filled with rich nutrients in their natural state with superior juicing ability.




Over 35 Years of History and Tradition: Angel Juicer


Angel has been working towards one goal from the beginning; "A Better Life with Better Health for Everyone."

With more than 35 years of accumulated knowledge in twin gear extraction system, Angel Juicers can deliver nutrients in their best condition for effective consumption. Built with master craftsmanship using 304 food-grade and 316 surgical-grade stainless steel, Angel contains features such as three step multi stage pressurized extraction, specialized motor cooling system, etc.

We will continue to do our best in developing a better juicer that delivers only fresh for everyone to enjoy in the years to come.


Take a step towards building you and your family's health with Angel today!