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The Juice from Raw Fruit and Vegetable Regenerates the Body's Cells.

"Vegetable Juice rebuilds and regenerates our bodies. The nutrients needed for life are hidden very deep inside the cellulose."
"Juice that is crushed and squeezed out by a presser is an organic food, a living food, which is assimilated very easily and very quickly into our body and regenerates the whole body at a very high speed."
"When the cells of our body are destroyed or already destroyed, the most natural way to return to normal is to drink raw vegetable juice to restore them."


The Fibrous Calcium Structure Inside Plant Cells

 The nutrients that are essential for our bodies are found deep inside vegetables and fruits. In order to consume them, it is necessary to grind vegetables and fruits finely to destroy their fibrin cells, and to extract the atoms, molecules, and various nutrients in the fiber. Pressed with a press with strong pressure, freshly squeezed vegetables juice is said to be pure nutrition. This high-grade squeezer is fairly expensive. However, rather than worrying about the price, it is best to invest in yourself and your family's health. Surely, that is not a waste.

Angel Juicer’s Twin Gears engineered by Shattering Helical Gear Technology & Multi Extracting System with Low Speed Cone Screw

 The Angel can crush fibers and break up the cells of vegetables with 3 HP grinding force by the high-quality stainless steel powerful twin gears. The Angel’s Shattering Helical Gear Technology & Multi Extracting System with Low Speed Cone Screw is capable of efficiently extracting nutrients locked inside cellulose fibers - minerals, calcium, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and other highly beneficial nutrients that are the most important nutrients for the human body.