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The Angel provides the following six safety features to promote longevity of juicer and provide safe operation for customers.


1. Safety Sensor Device: The motor will remain turned off when the housing filter is not attached to the motor base unit properly, even when the red main switch will be marked as "on". 

2. Dual Switch Systems: The main (red rocker) switch is located at the back of the juicer (motor base unit), and controls the soft switch panel located on the side of the juicer (motor base unit).

3. Automatic Overheating Sensor: A thermal protection device and anti-jamming function offers safe use during the entire process of juicing. The automatic motor thermostat helps prevent the motor from overheating.

4. Motor Gear Protection: In order to protect the motor from unexpected stops in the twin gears due to accidental insertion of kitchen utensils in the feeding chute, the speed reducer gear intercepts the impact before it reaches the main motor gear. Do not put knife, fork, metal stick, chopstick, wooden piece, or any other metal objects into the feeding chute under any circumstance. It can create damage to the twin gears, motor, and the screen housing, and warranty will not be provided for negligence and misuse.

5. Reinforcement of Soft Switch Panel: The Angel has double protection around the switch panel to prevent electric shocks.

6. Electromagnetic Wave Protection: The main circuit board is equipped with an electromagnetic wave protection system to minimize chances of electromagnetic waves possibly generating from the motor.