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The Angel features solid stainless steel twin gears running at 3 HP grinding force. With this precise engineering, the Angel can crush cellulose fibers and break up cells in vegetables and fruits, extracting vital nutrientsminerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and complex carbohydrates—locked inside. The Angel's exclusive antibacterial stainless-steel gears slowly rotate at a 82 RPM, generating almost no heat or shock for the highest quality extraction of nutrients and live enzymes with minimal oxidation.

The Angel features a three-stage twin gear system for efficient extraction. Stage one applies concentrated pressure to fruits and vegetables. Stages two and three grind and continuously processes the produce with very dry pulp and as a result, more juice. In addition to the three-stage gear system, the Angel's three-stage screen filters maximize pure juice yield to extract 20-30% more juice compared to other juicers.

The twin gear system of the Angel can extract essential nutrients even from fiber the size of 5 micron. The essence of juice extraction is to obtain the best nutrients from plants. The tangent gap between the twin gears of the Angel is only 0.1mm. These fine gears makes it possible to extract minute nutrients by crushing the micron-sized particles. Our pride lies in the technology that can extract almost all nutrients contained inside plants.

Twin gear technology also minimizes the loss of nutrients through the unique triturating twin gear features, an impeller press system with 82 rpm low turning speed. It generates virtually no heat or very low heat, thoroughly crushing and pressing fruits and vegetables rather than cutting and shredding into small pieces. The Angel Juicer's slow revolution motor prevents oxidation and maintains an active enzyme. More enzymes are intact through our juicer due to less heat and friction. 

The twin gear design is comprised of two interlocking stainless steel gears to extract the highest quality juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Common high impact juicers and blenders destroy large numbers of life-essential enzymes in the juice by subjecting them to heat and shock produced by metal cutting blades and high speed centrifugal rotation. With the Angel, the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes are retained in the juice.


A low-speed rotation system with 82 rpm enables preservation of almost the full amount of enzymes and nutritional benefits available. When juicing with high speed centrifugal and masticating juice extractors, these enzymes within vegetables are easily damaged by frictional heat caused by rotation. The Angel can minimize the loss of nutrients with its ultra low-speed rotation system (only 82 rpm). It truly is the lowest of any twin gear system juicers.

The Angel Juicer has all stainless steel gears with no plastic end parts. For those seeking the best possible juice, this is our first recommendation. The large juicing gears of the Angel Juicer are over 8+3/8 inches long, and unlike others, they have no plastic parts, being made entirely of high quality food-grade and surgical-grade stainless steel. The precise engineering involved in manufacturing process of these gears offers the ultimate breakdown of fruit and vegetable fibers and delivers the best possible nutrient extraction. These gears rotate at a lower speed (82 rpm) than other models, preserving nutrients and producing juices with a longer shelf life. While some brands use a lower strength stainless steel (SUS-303) and have plastic ends that can be broken, our twin gears are entirely made out of solid stainless steel (SUS-304 & SUS-316).

They are a pair of high quality food-grade and surgical-grade stainless steel (SUS-304 & SUS-316. A horizontal twin gears spaced at a mere 0.1 mm (4/1000 of an inch) apart, our twin gears are not blades, rotors or augers. They are designed to rotate at an extremely slow processing speed using a precisely engineered speed reducer. The powerful triturating function of the twin gears crushes, grinds and juices almost all vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass, etc. The Angel Juicer is designed to extract juice from all leafy greens and herbs, fibrous plants and grasses, as well as tough, stringy vegetables and sprouts.

The Angel's unique twin gear design is comprised of two interlocking 100% stainless steel gears, delivering truly remarkable crushing power and extracting all the juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. It has far more squeezing power that penetrates deep through the hidden plant membrane to bring out the full enzyme, vitamin, and mineral contents. The Angel 's gear system is the first extractor gearing system awarded with U.S. patent rights, and a a holder of three international awards winner.