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  1. How do I clean clogged holes on housing filter?

You can try following: soak the screen area (only screen portion, not the sensor area of housing filter) in a mixture of baking soda and hot water (4-5 table Spoons of baking soda) overnight. This loosens the scaling and much of it can be brushed off by a bristle. For better result, spray extra baking soda powder on the surface of screen while brushing with a bristle. *Please note that you should not soak the sensor area of housing filter in water under any circumstances.

  1. How do I clean the outside surface of the main body of the machine?

Wipe the exterior surfaces with a damp cloth and dry with a clean towel. For keeping the best polish, clean with a soft sponge first and dry it with a soft towel. After cleaning the juicer, let it dry thoroughly.

  1. How do I clean calcium and mineral deposits on twin gears?

Soak the twin gears in pure vinegar overnight. This loosens the scaling and much of it can be brushed off. To prevent mineral scales, thoroughly clean the twin gears with warm water immediately after juicing. If not properly deep-cleaned, the mineral deposit starts to build up (looks like a very thin film on the surface of the twin gears).

  1. How do I separate when twin gears are stuck due to pulp lodged in the housing filter?

When twin gears and housing filter are stuck and cannot be separated, simply put them back onto the main body and press the reverse button to release the gears from the housing filter. Carefully pull the housing filter out from the twin gear.