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Why Angel



Cold Press Slow Juicing Technology

  • Over 40 years of accumulated technology for cold press slow juicing
  • Shattering Helical Gear Technology enables twin gear to extract maximum nutrients hidden deep inside cellulose 


    • Multi Extracting System with Low-Speed Cone Screw crushes fibers and breaks up the cells of vegetables using 3 Horse Power motor that never exceeds 82 RPM through 3-stage twin gear system 



      • Less heat and quiet motor operation
      • Juice can be refrigerated up to 48 hours due to low oxygen rate resulting from the technology



      Highest Juice and Nutrients Yield

      • Extracting up to 58% more juice compared to other juicers in the market 
          • Extracting as much as 17 times more calcium and 5 times more magnesium than other juicers (* from Angel research lab)


          • Maximum juice quantity and very dry pulp from the remarkable twin gear pressing system
            • Cost-effective in the long run by reducing the amount of ingredients


            Premium Quality

            • Twin gears, Housing filter, and Splash Guard constructed with SUS304 (Food Grade) or SUS316 (Surgical Grade) stainless steel

            • Durable, non-corrosive, food safe, hygienic, and long lasting

            • Sleek design and horizontal shape

            • Acquired USA Certificate (NSF), Korean Certificate (EMI/EMS), European (CE), Japanese (PSE), Australian (C-Tick)

            • Difference between SUS304 and SUS316

            1. SUS304 (Food Grade): Chromium 18%, Nickel 8%

            2. SUS316 (Surgical Grade): Chromium 16%, Nickel 10%, Molybdenum 2%- higher resistance to corrosion





              Working with almost all fruits and vegetables depending on different attachments in household and commercial use

              • Standard Housing Filter: most fruits and vegetables, almond milk, coconut milk
              • Soft Fruit Housing Filter: berries, pineapple, tomato
              • Wheatgrass Housing Filter: wheatgrass, tough greens
              • Grinding Housing Filter: sauce, hummus, frozen sorbet, ground garlic, pesto
              • Nut Butter Mashing Housing Filter: almond butter, peanut butter, pecan butter
              • Seed Oil Extracting Housing Filter: raw seeds such as sesame seeds, pine nuts





                • NSF Certified for food safety and sanitation
                • 6 Built-in safety features:
                  1. Safety Sensor Device: The motor will remain turned off when the housing filter is not attached to the motor base unit properly, even when the red main switch will be marked as "on".
                  2. Dual Switch Systems: The main (red rocker) switch is located at the back of the motor base unit, and controls the soft switch panel located on the side of the motor base unit.
                  3. Automatic Overheating Sensor: A thermal protection device and anti-jamming function offers safe use during the entire process of juicing. The automatic motor thermostat helps prevent the motor from overheating.
                  4. Motor Gear Protection: In order to protect the motor from unexpected stops in the twin gears due to accidental insertion of kitchen utensils in the feeding chute, the speed reducer gear intercepts the impact before it reaches the main motor gear.
                  5. Reinforcement of Soft Switch Panel: The Angel has double protection around the switch panel to prevent electric shocks.
                  6. Electromagnetic Wave Protection: The main circuit board is equipped with an electromagnetic wave protection system to minimize chances of electromagnetic waves possibly generating from the motor.
                • Fan and cooling system that helps prevent the motor from overheating
                • Reverse Turning Safety Feature – separating by pressing reverse button when twin gear and housing filter get stuck




                Ease of Use and Cleaning

                • Three main parts that need cleaning – twin gear, housing filter and splash guard



                  • Three parts that need rinsing wooden pusher, juice cup, pulp cup
                  • Dishwasher safe
                  • Easy to assemble and disassemble