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All Angel Juicers come with a limited warranty when purchased from Angel Juicer America or our authorized dealers. Warranty is issued from the date of purchase when utilized for normal and intended household use. If your Angel Juicer has a defect in product material, or any problem in functionality within the warranty period, our repair or replacement service department is available to help you. Please refer to the "Troubleshooting" first before requesting a service to save time and money. If your juicer still requires service,
 please follow the repair service procedures below for faster service.


(1) Product model name and serial number are required to request repair service. This serial number can be found on the bottom or the front of the juicer's main body.

(2) Have the original or a copy of the receipt of purchase, showing the date of purchase.

(3) Submit a "Repair Service Request" with a brief description of the problem you are experiencing or contact customer service department at support@angeljuiceramerica.com for further assistance and instructions.

(4) If the product, or one of its parts, qualifies for repair service under warranty, Angel Juicer America will replace or repair the damaged product, free of charge. Shipping costs are not refundable. Shipping fees for sending the product in to our repair service department is the customer's responsibility, and Angel Juicer America will ship the product serviced back, free of charge.

(5) We recommend that you insure the package against possible damages or loss during transit. When sending your juicer to our service department, securely pack the unit by using the packing materials inside the box. Angel Juicer America is not responsible for loss of or damages to your juicer during transit.





Warranty Service Exclusions

I. No consequential damages: Angel Juicer America is not responsible for economic loss or special, indirect or consequential including without limitation; loss or damage arising from food or product spoilage claims, whether or not on account of product failure.
II. Warranty is not transferrable: This warranty is not transferable or re-assignable and applies only to the original verified purchaser from Angel Juicer America or an authorized dealer.
III. Improper electrical connections: Angel Juicer America is not responsible for the repair or replacement of failed or damaged components resulting from electrical power failure, the use of extension cords, low voltage, or voltage drops to the unit.
IV. Improper usage: Angel Juicer America assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from improper usage or installation or failure to clean and/or maintain the product as set forth in the operation manual provided with each unit.
V. Consequential damages: This warranty does not cover any defect due to, or resulting from, ordinary wear and tear, handling, abuse, misuse, or harsh chemical action, nor shall it extend to any product from which the serial number has been removed or altered, or modifications made by unauthorized service personnel or damage by flood or fire.
VI. Outside U.S., Canada, and Mexico: This warranty does not apply to, and Angel Juicer America is not responsible for, any warranty claims made on products sold or used outside USA, Canada, and Mexico.