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The Benefits Of Juice


Fruits and vegetables are a tremendous source of water, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Since juicing removes the indigestible fiber, these nutrients are available to the body in much larger quantities than fruit or vegetable eaten whole. Angel Juicer’s twin gear pressing technology enables to preserve the maximum nutrients in juices. Needless to say, the benefits are enormous.


  • Revitalizing your body: Juicing vegetables is one of the most powerful tools one can use to obtain high level vitality and the fastest way to restore your health. Juice that crushed and squeezed out by a presser is an organic, living food, which is absorbed very quickly into our body to regenerate the body as a whole.
  • Detoxifying the body: Since there are no toxins within our body more powerful than agricultural pesticides, it is easy to counter the toxins by drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juice rich in enzymes and alkaloids. Continued consumption of fresh juice will purify your blood, carry oxygen to the tissues, and irrigate the system, removing stagnation.
  • Enhancing the immune system: Juicing can boost immunity to fight off diseases and help to alleviate allergies by turning acidic constitution into alkaline constitution.
  • Encouraging metabolism: Toxins in the body can eventually destroy blood cells, perivascular cells, brain cells, etc. Green vegetables, including carrots, have carotene, chlorophyll, and vitamins C and E that can effectively prevent cryostasis by reducing toxins in our body.
  • Improving Constitution, Heart Condition, Sleep Condition, and Skin Condition
  • Nutrients from Fruits and Vegetables

    Nutrients Fruit and Vegetables
    Beta-carotene Carrot, Cantaloupe, Papaya
    Folic acid Orange, Kale, Broccoli
    Vitamin b6 Kale, Spinach, Turnip greens
    Vitamin C Peppers, Citrus fruit, Cabbage
    Vitamin E Asparagus, Spinach
    Vitamin K Broccoli, Collard, Kale
    Calcium Kale, Collard greens, Bok choy
    Chromium Apple, Cabbage, Sweet peppers
    Manganese Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Turnip greens
    Potassium Celery, Cantaloupe, Tomato
    Selenium Apple, Turnip, Garlic
    Zinc Carrot, Ginger, Green peas