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01. When red light power switch located at the back of the machine does not light up or if the machine doesn't work:

  • Check the fuse located behind the machine, under the power cord socket.
  • If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse with provided extra fuse (see operation manual pg. 27 for instructions on fuse replacement).
  • Check the power source supply.
  • Check for the power cord connection for both the electrical wall outlet and the power cord connector.
  • Check if the red light power switch at the back of machine is turned on. 


02. When red light power switch at the back of the machine is on, but the machine doesn't work:

  • Check if the housing filter is attached and fully clamped in to the main body. There is a safety sensor on the housing filter to ensure that the machine does not operate until the filter is fully attached to the body. 
  • If still not working, safety sensor might not be working properly. Please contact our service department at support@angeljuiceramerica.com.


03. When the fan located at the bottom doesn't operate properly:

  • Stop using the juicer and contact service department at support@angeljuiceramerica.com for assistance.


04. When the motor is running but the twin gear is not operating:

  • This means the safety gear of the speed machine could be disabled.
  • Contact service department at support@angeljuiceramerica.com for repair. The Angel has multiple safety devices installed to ensure safety of customers when there is an overload in the chute or excess pressure built up. The last safety device is located within the speed gear.


05. When the motor suddenly stops while juicing:

  • This means there is an overheating in the motor, and the heat safety sensor has stopped the motor altogether. Leave the machine with the power on for 20 minutes for the cooling fan to fully run, and the machine will operate again once cooled down.
  • Check if all parts are correctly assembled.
  • Make sure the machine is not overloaded.
  • Use smaller size or portions of ingredients during juicing.
  • Check the fuse (see operation manual pg. 27 for instructions on fuse replacement).


    06. If juice flows back while processing watery produces (i.e. tomato):

    • Adjust the feeding speed, as these ingredients are easily processed into the gears even with a slight push.
    • This does not mean the machine is broken. Insert a spoonful of pulp into the feeding chute again to prevent juice from dripping.


    07. If a utensil gets stuck in the feeding chute or between twin gears and housing filter:

    • Hold the utensil and pull outward while pressing the reverse button. For Angel Juicer 7500 and 8500, the machine will automate the reverse process with its automatic reverse function during severe jam when a utensil is stuck. 
    • For Angel Juicer 5500, the reverse function is manually operated by pressing and holding the "reverse" button until the utensil is removed.


    08. When food is jammed:

    • Angel Juicer has an automated stop safety function that disables the machine from juicing when the feeding chute is overloaded.
    • In the event of an automated stop, press the "reverse" button for 2 to 3 seconds (or press and hold as required until clears), and then press the "start" button to continue juicing. Repeat as needed.


    09. If twin gears are stuck to the housing filter:

    • The twin gears can get stuck to the housing filter if pressure is built up and pulp is lodged inside the housing. To separate the gears from filter: 
    • Step 1: Make sure power cord is plugged in, and red light switch is still on the machine.
    • Step 2: Unlock the clamp by pulling the lever up, and place your palm underneath the filter in case the twin gears fall.
    • Step 3: While pressing the start button, gently let the housing and the gears run to get them detached from the body. Once the gears are separated from the machine, the juicer will automatically stop running. 
    • Step 4: Pull out the twin gears from housing filter. 


    10. If twin gears are rattling and making noise:

    • Check to see if anything is lodged inside the gears.
    • Make sure there are nothing in between the teeth of the gears.
    • Stop using the juicer and contact service department for assistance at support@angeljuiceramerica.com.