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According to London University,  "Eat At Least 7 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day"



 WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day (80g per serving, 400g in total) since 1990. Research shows that this number must be doubled. It has also been confirmed that vegetables are four times more healthy than fruits.

A study by the University of London in Britain revealed the results of a twelve-year survey of 65,000 British people in 2001. According to Telegraph, researchers found that people who eat vegetables or fruits at least seven times a day have a 42% reduction in early mortality compared to the people who eat less than one serving. In addition, the reduction in mortality rate for those who ate five to seven servings was 36%, 29% for those who ate three to five servings, and 14% for those who ate one to three servings.

Those who ate at least seven servings were also found to have a 25% reduction in cancer mortality and a 31% decrease in heart disease mortality. Experts say, "The more vegetables and fruits you eat, the more effective prevention is." and added a comment "7 servings a day is not enough and 10 servings a day is the most optimal amount." We need to increase the WHO recommendation of five servings a day by at least double.

Dr. Oyinlola Oyebode, who led the study, advised we "should eat more regardless of how many fruits and vegetables you are eating now." The study also pointed out that government support is needed to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. "To implement a seven-a-day message would be really challenging for many in society", said Dr. Naveed Sattar from University of Glasgow, "any such change needs to be backed up with direct governmental actions to alter and improve supply and ready availability of healthful foods (in this case fruit and vegetable), perhaps by taxing sugary foods."

Another interesting result from this study was that vegetables were healthier than fruits. Vegetables reduced the mortality by 16% per serving, while fruits by 4% per serving only. Frozen and canned fruits actually increased mortality by 17%. The reason lies in sugar. The researchers supported Australia's "two plus five" policy;  Australia recommends two servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables per day. The study was published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 


"The Easiest Way to Consume 10 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Per Day is Through Juicing."

Juicing helps exceed daily recommended amounts. 



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