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Angel- Wooden Pusher With Silicon Ring

Product Description
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  • Angel Wooden Pusher with Silicon Ring is usually used when juicing soft fruits.
  • Made out of birch and has silicon ring around the edge. This ring creates air pressure and helps push softer ingredients like fruits down into the feeding chute. 
  • When juicing soft fruits, take time to put in a little at a time into the chute. Since soft fruits have almost no fiber, their mushy pulp can easily clog the holes of the screen housing filter and cause a backing up out of the chute.
  • When juice is backing up from the feeding chute, press and hold the reverse button for 3 to 5 seconds, after pushing the stop button, until it is cleared. Inserting food piece by piece is highly recommendedone at a timeinto the feeding chute to prevent overload. Wait until each piece is crushed down completely.
Sku: HASS-25000-01WE-00

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