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Angel Juicer Wooden Pusher with Silicon Ring

Product Description
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Angel Juicer Wooden Pusher with Silicon Ring is usually used when juicing soft fruits. This wooden pusher is made of birch and has silicon ring. This ring creates air pressure and helps push such mushy ingredients as fruits down to the feeding chute. When juicing soft fruits, take the time to put in small pieces of food, little by little, into the feeding chute. Since soft fruits have almost no fiber, their mushy pulp can easily clog the holes of the screen housing filter and cause a backing up out of the feeding chute. When juice is backing up from the feeding chute, press & hold the reverse button for 3 to 5 seconds, after pushing the stop button, until it is cleared. We suggest inserting food piece by piece, one at a time, into the feeding chute, waiting until each piece is crushed down completely.

Sku: HASS-25000-01WE-00

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