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Angel Juicer Price Increase Notice 2023 August

Dear valued Angel customers,

Please be advised that the price of all Angel juicers will be increased effective on 8/14/2023 due to the significantly raised operational and manufacturing costs that have been affected by the increased raw material costs, higher labor costs than ever, increased transportation expenses, and other economic factors beyond our control.

After careful consideration and evaluation, we have made a difficult decision to adjust the prices to ensure the sustainability of the business and the continued delivery of exceptional quality and value to our customers.

New price list will be as followings;

  • Angel 5500: U$1,550.00
  • Angel 5500SFH: U$1,750.00
  • Angel 7500: U$1,680.00
  • Angel 7500SFH: U$1,880.00
  • Angel 8500: U$2,210.00
  • Angel 8500SFH: U$2,550.00
  • Parts & Accessories will remain on the same price list

We thank you so much for your understanding. 

Management Team

Angel Juicer America